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        Key Performance Features:

        • High Energy Neodymium Magnets
        • Peak Torque to 150 oz-in
        • Excellent Torque to Weight Ratio
        • 1.5" Motor Diameter is Ideal for Restricted
          Space Applications
        • High RPM Operation
        • 6-48 VDC Available

        SR15 Series Options
        Typical Applications
        • Optical Encoders
        • Application Specific Windings and Mechanical designs
        • Custom Cables and Connectors
        • Special Shaft and Mounting Configurations
        • For more options see magmotor.com custom solutions, or call us
        • X-Y Positioning Machines
        • Medical Equipment
        • Automated Assembly Machines
        • Laboratory Equipment
        • Office Products
        • Robotics


        Phone: 508-835-4305
        10 Coppage Drive, Worcester, MA 01603