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        Product Features:
        • Non-contact
        • Magnetic Bearing
        • No Mechanical wear
        • No contamination to environment
        • Variable speed and load capability
        • Bi-directional
        • Unlimited life/no maintenance
        Product Features

        Product Specification:


        1. Diameter from 50 mm to ?
        2. Speed from <10 rpm to 50 krpm+
        3. Load capability from 2 lbs to ?
        4. Packaging
          • height and diameter proportional to load
          • controls vary for application / stand alone / need program interface from PC or PLC
          • rotor is ferromagnetic material / reluctance configuration required
          • controller can be up to 100 feet from the stator


        1. Length is dependent on available current
        2. Load is dependent on available current
        3. Same controller as rotary
        4. Packaging
          • "table" is ferromagnetic material / reluctance configuration
          • controller can be 100 feet from rail
          • rail height and width size dependent on load and length
        Product Specifications

        Electrical Specifications
        • Input voltage at 96 VDC
        • Current input load dependent (customer specified)
        • Six sensors used for maximum positioning accuracy
        • All installation cables available from Magmotor, up to main controller (customer supplied)
        • All circuitry EMI protected and cables are insulated to industry standards.
        • Clean Room - silicon wafer
        • Vapor deposition
        • Food processing
        • Pharmaceutical
        • High temperature processing
        • Test & measurement

        Magmotor's Integral Suspension And Motor (ISAM) system is specifically designed to reduce particle generation and increase reliability for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. ISAM uniquely integrates a motor and magnetic bearing into one low-profile unit. Magmotor's system uses a magnetic field generated from an integral magnetic bearing and motor to support and spin the rotor. The non-contacting rotor floats in the process chamber and is actively controlled by external displacement sensords. The system is capable of indexing and locking in discrete angular positions. All active portions of the system are located outside of the process or vacuum chamber to improve reliability and maintainability. Magmotor offers speed ranges from 20 to 5,000 rpm and can support wafers up to 300 mm in diameter. The large clearances between the rotor and the chamber allow operation over a wide temperature range.

        Mechanical Specifications:
        • Configurable to customer specifications
        • Rotor portion of system customer supplied, or can be produced by Magmotor to customer specifications - must be ferromagnetic material
        • Positioning within 1 degree radially, 0.01 inch axially
        • Mounting axis not dependent on horizontal axis
        • Rated to temperatures up to 125 deg. C at stator
        Mechanical Specifications


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